Refund policy

All transactions through are considered final and refunds are not guaranteed. The costs for the certified certificates and shipping charges, as well as the processing/delivery times, are quoted by the State and/or County offices. Baby’s Background, Inc. is not responsible for any delays or changes made by these offices. Baby’s Background, Inc. will refund the fee if you do not receive your record and the fault is ours. If the reason you do not receive your record is because the State or County cannot find a record for you, for any reason, only the unused shipping charges you paid, if any, will be refunded. No refund of Baby’s Background, Inc.’s Fee will be issued to those who submit an application, yet fail to submit the proper identification verification requirement to complete the application or to those who submit an application and thereafter cancel their order. No refunds of any amounts will be issued by Baby’s Background, Inc. if you do not receive your record because you have supplied incorrect or false information. The State or County Offices may have their own refund policies. If you have any questions about refunds or experience any issues with your hospital certificate, commemorative certificate, or certified birth certificate, please call us @ 1-800-324-6380 (Option 4) Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm Eastern Time.

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